'Remember Me' Angels - The beginning!
'Remember Me' Angels started as a result of my love for my Mum. When she passed away I had a  huge void in my life. I was lucky to inherit her photos and some personal trinkets, so while looking through those I hit upon the idea of making a Memorial Angel. It took a little while to perfect the technique, but now I have a precious keepsake which I keep on my bedside table with a picture of my Mum.
Things started slowly, it is hard to tell people what I do. It's hard to talk about funerals and cremations. It's a very personal thing. Soon by word of mouth people started to approach me to make them  a 'Remember Me' Angel, then of course they wanted to tell their friends ! So I had to take the plunge and go 'online' 

This is ME!!!

The Flower Shop
My name is Lizzy and I make 'Remember Me' Angels.
I am a Mum of three grown up children supported by my husband Tom, possibly the best thing to come out of Sunderland in a long time!!!
I love to collect memories, I am the keeper of the family photographs so the Angels are a natural progression. I love to see people who are happy with their Angels and I enjoy knowing that I have helped them stay close to
their loved ones.